what does conduit debt mean

Conduit Financing Definition | Investopedia
Conduit Financing - Definition of Conduit Financing on Investopedia - A financing arrangement . A bond that can be redeemed by the issuer prior to its maturity.


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      Debt Yield Ratio
      Conduit lenders are now using the debt yield ratio to determine the . What this means is that the conduit lender would enjoy a 7.3% cash-on-cash . Please notice that this ratio does not even look at the cap rate used to value the property.

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      Regulations - Executive Office for Administration & Finance - Mass.Gov
      2.07: Board Review of Derivative Financial Products for Debt Transactions that are . some time to do the diligence necessary to develop regulations, policies and . Qualified Conduit Debt Transaction shall mean any issue of bonds or notes .

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      Definition of Conduit Debt | eHow.com
      Common issuers of conduit debt include businesses, hospitals and educational institutions. The public entity does not have any obligation to repay--the debt is assumed . Businesses resort to various means to finance operating activities and .

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      Subsequent events: New standards apply
      Conduit bond obligor for conduit debt securities that are traded in a public market (a . event may be so significant that disclosure can best be made by means .

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      FAQs - California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank ...
      Who Can Apply for Conduit Revenue Bond Financing? . Over a long period of time, this can mean substantial interest cost savings to the borrower depending .

Tips & Warnings

    This means conduit debt issuances in fiscal year ended 2003 and all subsequent fiscal years must be disclosed in the report. Do not include debt in this section .

  • Defeasance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    These securities can be held by either the original borrower or by a “successor . the income from/disposition of the securities to make the monthly debt service payments . This demand helped make conduit mortgage pricing on commercial . Because higher yields mean lower prices and increased liquidity creates greater .

  • What Is Debt Security
    They mean borrowing by the company, while equity securities represent ownership of the . Governmental entities can issue conduit debt securities also called .

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