what do junk debt buyers get

The Difference Between Junk Debt Buyers and Collection Agencies
Jul 31, 2010 . Collection agencies may have records, depending on who the original creditor is, but junk debt buyers almost never do. No records = no debt .


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      Junk Debt Buyers JDB Collection Agency Credit Cards
      A junk debt buyer is a collection agency who has purchased a large portfolio of . If the debtor does so, they have reaffirmed the debt and started the statute of .

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      Credit/Debt Recovery: Why You Should Challenge Junk Debt Buyers
      Feb 4, 2008 . Why You Should Challenge Junk Debt Buyers. Often when I . That title was a big mistake, but I'm over it, and it's too late to make the change.

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      Look Out for Junk Debt Buyers! - Yahoo! Voices - voices.yahoo.com
      Oct 20, 2006 . LVNV Funding is a "junk debt buyer" and they were trying to get him back on the hook for . What should victims of junk debt buyers do?

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      Junk Debt Buyers: Exposed
      Junk Debt Buyers and Collectors. Did you find a debt collection agency on your credit report? Or, did a debt collection agency contact you for a debt that is years .

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      Beat Debt Collectors
      Have you been sued by a debt collector, junk debt buyer or law firm over a debt? . Most people that are sued have no idea what to do, and often can't afford to .

Tips & Warnings

  • Junk Debt Buyers
    Believe it or not, a lawsuit from a junk debt buyer is to your benefit. In my experience, I have found that junk debt buyers often do not acquire all of the necessary .

  • How To Respond to A Summons for Credit Card Debt
    Legal Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nor do I claim to have any particular . Many of these junk debt buyers or collection agencies have retained law firms that .

  • Do you have to request debt validation for every junk debt buyer that ...
    Consumers must request debt validation every time a debt is resold from one junk debt buyer to another.

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